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Pics: Miss Hawaii: Duke’s Kyrie Irving’s Stalker or Victim? Is She a Prostitute?

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After we reported Miss Hawaii’s (who we believe real name is Jessica) accusations that she was being harassed by Duke’s Kyrie Irving and that she had filed a police report, we received a ton of information about Miss Hawaii.

Duke’s Kyrie Irving Accused Of Harassment By Model Miss Hawaii..See The Texts

The most explosive claim is that Miss Hawaii is actually a call girl.  A former client referred us to these links and makes the accusation that Miss Hawaii is a lady of the night.

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There is no way to prove if someone just stole her pics (happens often), but it does say if it isn’t her your services are free, so take it for what it is worth.

Here is what she had to say:

I am not a prostitute devin ebanks ex girlfriend put those ads up about me as a joke cuz she was jealous I was with him.

Another claim against Miss Hawaii was the one harassing and stalking Irving, going as far to say she created a fake twitter account @dukelvr1989 (no longer active). That account maybe familiar to you because we reported on in a few days ago.

Duke’s Kyrie Irving Subject to Racist, Abusive Tweets From a Duke Fan

There is no proof that Miss Hawaii and Dukelvr1989 are the same person, but plenty of people believe that to be the case, but similar to how you don’t want to jump to conclusions about Irving alleged harassment of her, you can’t just automatically assume this is her harassing him.

SethCurrySavesDuke has more details on @dukelvr1989

Elizabeth Irving was Kyrie’s mother, and she died before he was six years old. After that message, Kyrie started responding. He told “her” (I’ll be using female pronouns for the sake of readability, though it’s impossible to know who or what we’re dealing with here) that she could say what she wanted about him, but not to bring his family into it. He used her twitter name, cluing in the rest of the world. He told everyone to read her tweets, presumably so they could all see the awful messages she was posting and rally to his defense. Several players and innumerable fans messaged him with support. Kendall Marshall said, “Keep ya head, bro.”

Around that time, Kyrie Irving erased his twitter account. You can’t find him on that particular medium any longer. Then DukeLvr posted his cell phone number. Then she posted a picture of him shirtless. Then she threatened to post sexual text message conversations she’d had with him. Then she threatened to post “a photo of Kyrie Irving’s dick.”

These latest promises haven’t been fulfilled, but it’s easy to see why they were made. If Kyrie quit twitter, and stopped responding to the dead mother bait, the natural way to keep him invested was to inspire fear. Which meant threatening the release of pictures or conversations. It wouldn’t be enough to just post them outright; to keep him on a hook, a real sadist knows to create anxiety by way of anticipation. What comes next? Impending doom is usually worse than actual doom.

The question begs did Kyrie know the person that was tweeting him and does this have anything to do with Miss Hawaii’s outburst this evening.

Upon further investigation there was a similar incident to this, between Miss Hawaii (Jessica) and Lakers rookie Devin Ebanks late last year.  So is Miss Hawaii the real crazy one or is she attracting young athletes who are overly thirsty?

What does it all mean?

I will let you decide that, but I will say this when you are young and fame is thrust upon you, it is really easy to get caught up in its trappings.

You can’t be as trusting as you want to be, especially when all the info you have is a Twitter bio and scantily clad profile pic. Let that be a lesson not to just Kyrie Irving, but for everyone.