Gabrielle Union: “I’ll Never Be on Basketball Wives, I Pay My Own Bills” – BlackSportsOnline
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Gabrielle Union: “I’ll Never Be on Basketball Wives, I Pay My Own Bills”

Does Gabby remember that D Wade was married when she swooped in?

Seems like she would be the perfect candidate for the “Basketball Almost Wives”. But Gabby wants you to know she is not headed down that road.

“I pay my own bills, first off, so I’ve never put myself in a position to have to be jackass or to have to sell myself down the river for a reality show. I was just raised a little differently and my situation is a lot different being that I have my own career, my own celebrity status on my own, independent, and before him. But, I don’t knock anybody’s hustle, it’s just not my path.”

Using the BSO translator here is what she is really saying.

“I was famous before D Wade and even though I have almost basketball wives tendencies, I won’t lower myself to the level of these non famous chicks, what I look like hanging with Tami from the Real World, please.  I did movies with LL Cool J.”

I give her credit for realizing that if she was to do a reality show, her credibility probably would take a hit. She always struck me as a bright individual and a young lady who gets what she wants.

Plus we don’t need her in a reality show when the Heat are a walking reality show every day.