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Video: Dominique Wilkins Beating Up Rashan S Michel After Hawks Game

Last night we gave you the details of the fight that took place between Rashan S Michel and Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins over alleged unpaid Harlem Nights suits.

Now we have video courtesy of TMZ showing Wilkins delivering a nasty straight hand to Michel, which explains the black eye he has in the mugshot below.

Michel is planning on suing, here is his side of the story.

TMZ spoke with Rashan Michel — a former NBA referee — and he claims he was calmly trying to work out a deal over the money he says ‘Nique owes him for custom suits.

Michel claims Wilkins responded by yelling, “F**k You!” … then security wrestled him to the ground … and that’s when the Hall of Famer slugged him. Michel is adamant that he did NOT hit Wilkins first.

Michel tells us he plans on suing Wilkins and the Hawks organization — as well as subpoenaing the surveillance footage.

The video starts with Wilkins going Pacquiao on Michel, so it is hard to say who started the fight.  If Michel version of events are true it should have been Wilkins that went to jail not Michel.

Michel though should have been smart enough to know in Atlanta unless Dominique shot him there was no way he was going to be given in the benefit of the doubt.

I am sure next time he approaches Wilkins he will have on some sort of head gear before they spar.


Rashan S Michel went on radio this morning to tell his side of the story.