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Crazed Duke Fan Chris Cusack Tries to Guilt Kyrie Irving To Staying In School

When a relationship is on its last leg, the person who is being left tries to pull out the “guilt” card.

100 times out of 100 times this makes them look pathetic, desperate, weak, soft and in some ways creepy. At least when it is a man and woman there is a deep emotional connection that causes the person to sound so weird.

But what if it wasn’t a relationship, what if it was just a random fan of a team or player?

How much more pathetic would the be? Here is an open letter Chris Cusack of the Duke Chronicle wrote to Kyrie Irving.

Dear Kyrie,

Go pro.

Seriously. Declare for the NBA draft, hire an agent, pick out a nice suit and start practicing to look surprised when your name is one of the first to be called by Commissioner David Stern in June.

I mean, what’s there to lose?

Sure, some of the Cameron Crazies will implore you to consider your legacy as a Blue Devil, to remember the history of the great Duke players before you who went on to successful NBA careers. Don’t follow in the footsteps of William Avery, you’ll be warned; he made the wise decision to leave Duke after his sophomore year, and use the NBA as a stepping stone to an illustrious career in Europe. Don’t let those comparisons get you down, though, even if Avery did get the privilege of watching from the sidelines as his former college teammates celebrated a national championship.

Plus, sticking around and winning a fifth national title for the Blue Devils is just selfish, even if you haven’t ever won one yourself. Think about it: Cameron is already full of national championship banners, and adding one of your own would ruin the symmetry in the rafters. Sure, you’ll give up your chance to be remembered as one of Duke’s all-time greatest basketball players, but I bet if you asked Christian Laettner, he would tell you that fans don’t remember collegiate legacies anyway. Well, at least until he tries to visit Kentucky, where his likeness is still routinely burned in effigy on the anniversary of “The Shot.”

There is more and the writer attempt of sarcasm sounds more like borderline obsession.

Praying for Irving’s downfall in the pros and assuming that coming back will make him Christian Laettner just screams of someone in their basement kissing a Bob Hurley poster before they go to sleep at night.

It is strange obsessions like these if I was Irving, might push me to the NBA, because what if he did come back and Duke failed again, will Cusack be at his door saying.

Kyyyyyyyyyy REEEEEEEE Come Out And Play!!!