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Jerry Jones Gets “Permission” to Attend Tony Romo’s Wedding

The NFL Lockout on all levels is pretty pathetic.

All this money to be had and all the owners and players do is bicker.  I blame the owners more than the players, because they are the ones who opted out of the deal and are the ones locking the players out.

With that being said when you need to get special permission to go to a wedding, it has gotten out of control.

“I’ve gotten special permission,” Jones said. “But more than anything, [I got the] right ticket from him and his fianceé — Romo’s wife-to-be. [It’s] one of prettiest invitations I’ve ever seen.

“So, yes, I will be there and [I’m] proud for him. He’s got the best end of this deal.”

We will see who has the best of the deal when and if they divorce ever happens.