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Kobe Bryant Broke a Man Law & Told Vanessa About Gasol’s Cheating Ways?

Kobe Bryant is an exceptional basketball player, one of the Top 10 players of all time.  On the court he is one of the smartest, dedicated and prepared player of all time.

His will to be the best and win is obsessive, borderline psychotic.

Unfortunately off the court his “streets smarts” are the exact opposite by comparison.

Bryant has had squabbles with everyone since he came into the league and while all of those disagreements weren’t all his fault, plenty of blame lies at his feet.

I know there are some players in the NBA who will never forgive Bryant for snitching on Shaq to the Colorado PD during his rape investigation, in essence saying Shaq makes those type of problems “go away” and cheats on a regular basis.

The latest man law violations that has been floating around is that Bryant told his wife Vanessa Bryant who seems to be a lot more savvy in “thug life” than him that Pau Gasol was cheating and cheating often.

Mrs. Bryant then in turn told Pau’s girlfriend Silvia Lopez Castro.  Castro then dropped Pau who confronted Kobe.  From that point on Pau when into a funk and Lakers got swept.

Here is what Pau had to say:

“I have to learn from this,” Gasol said. ”I have to learn that when something happens off the court, you have to keep it off the court.”

Obviously something is going on and we will never know the entire truth, but here is something that you should know.  As a man you are suppose to be fiercely loyal to your friends.

It doesn’t matter if your married boy had a threesome with Esther Baxter and Candy Deep Throat, you keep that information to yourself.  You don’t tell your wife, your mom and anyone who doesn’t need to know that information.

The police is the obvious one, but if you know your wife likes to talk, she shouldn’t be told either.

There are some men who trust their wives or female friends with secrets, but if you are going to tell someone something like that you better be 100%, not 97, 98 or 99% that information won’t get leaked.

It is clear if true while Kobe maybe an Alpha Male in the court, he doesn’t run the fast break in his household.  Plus I find it hard to believe that if Pau is cheating that Kobe isn’t.

Pau should have thicker skin, this is something that he and Kobe should have been able to work out as men and keep it moving.  All the crying, whining and awful post play wasn’t necessary.

But as I have always told you, men in general get into trouble for the following things.

Women and Money

Normally they go hand and hand.  Doesn’t matter if it is 2011 or 1 BC, women will always be a man biggest Achilles heel.  Just ask Adam and I don’t mean Adam Morrison.