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Police Report: ESPN’s Matthew Barnaby Broke Wife’s Door & Used Racial Slurs

Barnaby tried to paint the picture that his arrested on harassment wasn’t that big of a deal, but if you read the police report provided by Deadspin, it certainly is a big deal.

Barnaby is portrayed as a crazy man that you see profiled on Discovery ID “Stalked”.

The Buffalo News has the complaints, as well as an order of protection taken out against Barnaby. Together they paint one hell of a picture of Barnaby’s Friday night, where he busted down his wife’s door, confronted her in front of police, and later made harassing phone calls to her companion.

Barnaby faces charges of

• Criminal mischief, a felony, for damaging his wife’s garage door, lock, handle and frame;
• Criminal contempt, for violating a court order issued in February against entering his wife’s home;
• Trespass, for entering his wife’s home through the broken garage door;
• Harassment, for cursing out his wife after a police officer was called to the scene;
• Harassment, for making 20-30 calls to the wife’s friend two hours after the incident. Barnaby allegedly threatened physical harm and directed racial slurs toward the man.

From what I can gather it looks like Barnaby was mad because his wife’s companion was not white?  We don’t know what race or sexual orientation the companion is, but that appears to be the crux of Barnaby’s rage.

Pretty pathetic if true, I am curious to hear Barnaby’s side of the story, how he can explain his actions.

If the accusations are true he deserves jail time, because he has a problem.