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An Open Letter to Roger Goodell


I hope this letter finds you in the midst of coming to an agreement with DeMaurice Smith over more than where to order breakfast from.  If you’re not aware, the NBA basketball season concluded this week and I have nothing to do.

Of course it’s just June and an uninterrupted football season is still two months away, but this is usually the time that fantasy geeks like myself start jotting down names.

Yes I know it’s hard to believe I’m penning this letter for something as frivolous as fantasy football or my television pleasure, but I have to look out for self.  I won my 16 team $150 per head league last season and I have a championship to defend (never one to pass up the chance to gloat).  Besides, the NFL owners are being just as selfish and you’re looking out for them.

Also, it behooves you to know that I wear another hat other than fantasy geek and smart ass blogger masquerading as a columnist.  The hat in question is that of a fan.  You’re a scholar so surely you know that fan is short for fanatic.  And to be quite honest, there’s nothing to be a fanatic of NFL related right now.  What makes it even worse is that I  overheard you say this lockout is for the fans too as I was closing this deal to sell some old bridge in Brooklyn.  It saddens me to inform you that my deal fell through just like your “for the fans” bit fell through.

Do us all a favor and come to your senses.  Hate it or love it, your predecessor had the right idea in acknowledging that there was something greater at stake than the digits of an owner’s bank account.  I guess I’m suggesting you do the same or I’ll be forced to take my television watching and fantasy  talents to baseball.

And if you’ve seen their attendance this season, then you know they’ll welcome me with open arms.


A Disgruntled Fan