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Lebron on His Critics: “They Have to Wake Up to Their Personal Problems”

One the one hand Lebron James can’t say this, but on the other hand it needs to be said.  I have no issues with people being critical of Lebron’s play on the court.

I have no issues with people who were critical of how he went about his “Decision” (the decision itself was his to make).

The problem I have is when people take it personal.  When you have quotes like this from “Moist” Mo Williams.

It makes you understand why Lebron would answer a question about people who take joy in his failures like this.


To be fair, Lebron brought a lot of this attention to himself with his own actions and he does at some point need to own up to that.  But if your happiness is based off Lebron and the Heat successes and failures then you have a problem.

It has been like this all year, where people truly and sincerely hate Lebron James and hate normally comes from envy and jealously.

Once again Lebron has to be above all this, but he is human and after getting beat down repeatedly not just on the court but his personal life (his mom, the mother of his children and his lifestyle all under the microscope) he gave an honest answer.

Breaking the quote down what he is saying is.

“F-U my life is better than yours and you wish you were me.”

He is speaking the truth about some fans, if he only had that type of attitude on the court, his critics wouldn’t be having a “good day”.