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Pics & Video: Mavs Take NBA Finals Trophy To Club Liv on South Beach

Talk about adding insult to injury.

It looks like a lot of those Miami Heat fans have jumped on the Dirk Express. How must that feel as a Heat player to see pics of your so called fans, so quickly become Maverick fans?

Here is a video of the Mavs singing “We Are The Champions” at the club.

Do you think if the Mavs beat the Celtics that Boston fans would be shoulder leaning to Lil Wayne with them (and yes Lil Wayne was in the club)? If anything Heat fans have proved Charles Barkley correct in his assessment they are just with bandwagon fans.

I would look at it more like this. A lot of young ladies will use a guy to get in the club, but leave with the guy with the biggest ring so to speak or in Dirk’s case the biggest bottle.

I don’t know how much that bottle cost, but I am sure it is more than a lot of people’s yearly salary.

My insiders are telling me that Mark Cuban is dropping major cash (could top 500k) and that the Mavs have taken over an entire section of the club.  Sporadic chants of “Lebron Sucks” have also been heard.

They deserve to celebrate, because they were the team other teams wanted to play because they always “choked”, but that label has been changed to “Champs”.