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“Awe” Quotes From Rodney Harrison & Tedy Bruschi, Hypocrisy in Media at its Finest

Rodney Harrison & Tedy Bruschi both sound like bitter ex jocks being critical of Ocho Cinco “complimentary” tweet of the Patriots.  They said that should NEVER happen, so I used our friend Google to find some quotes from Harrison and Bruschi.

You might be interested in what I found.

Rodney Harrison

“He’s the best in the business. He’s a beast. We miss his leadership. We miss his smile. We miss his competitiveness.”

“He’s a captain, a leader, a tremendous physical presence in the middle. When you have one of your best friends back, one of your best teammates back, it’s always a good, rewarding moment.”

“They have so many weapons. I think it’s so unfair for you to just point out one. Obviously he’s one of the most dominating receivers in the league. But you can’t take away everything. You just have to go out there and do your best to contain these guys and hopefully we’ll get a chance to make some big plays.”

“He is the best receiver in the league,”

“He’s the best receiver in the league. He’s 6-4, can run like a deer, can jump like Kobe Bryant. He’s Randy Moss.”

“We have so many veteran guys like Willie McGinest, Mike Vrabel, Richard Seymour, Larry Izzo, guys that have been in the fire. We lose those two guys (Bruschi and Johnson), but other guys have really stepped up to really meet that challenge.”

“He’s a consummate pro, … I think I see him more than my wife.”

“It was, … the most inspirational thing I’ve ever been around.”

“You’d see guys crying on the plane home,”

“We’re not a dynasty, we’re just a good football team, and we’ve been a good football team since I’ve been here. The Chicago Bulls, they were a dynasty. They were a dynasty for six years, but once you lose, you’re not a dynasty any more. I don’t know how long dynasties last, but it seems like they don’t last very long in professional sports nowadays.”

“Who cares? That’s all entertainment-based.”

Harrison misses a teammate smile, compares Randy Moss to Kobe Bryant, Speaks on Brady’s Leadership, Talks about being more connected with his team than his wife and more.

Maybe Harrison should have shut his mouth and trained more, then he wouldn’t have had to use steroids to last as long as he did in the league.

Tedy Bruschi

“It’s the No. 1 stat that we have to win. We always want to get the ball. Make tackles and get the ball.”

“Schematically, it doesn’t really change things. We’ll still do a lot of the same things, but guys will just be asked to sort of do different things.”

“He showed me he’s a player. It would have been easy to pack it in early. But he kept coming. I think he’s a guy, if you’re a Carolina fan, you have hope you have a good one there.”

“Since Day One, I’ve been impressed with him, … When a new guy comes in, I want to check him out and see how he is, see how his attitude is, see if he’s willing to be one of us the way we are in this locker room. With Corey, I remember talking to him in the parking lot, talking to him in the locker room and seeing where his mind was at. It was always in the right place, I felt. Never did I think, ‘Maybe I should talk to this guy a little more and let him know how it is around here.’ I felt he understood how it is from the beginning.”

“His style of running is the way I think a running back should run, … With power, hitting the holes and dragging people 5 extra yards. That’s the type of running back I admire. When he came here I was happy about it. I know he’s had some troubles in the past, but things are going right for him now and I’m happy to see him hit this milestone.”

“I guess there are some unicorns out there, somewhere.”

Bruschi can talk about Unicorns and be in awe of Corey Dillon, he should have taken more time on the practice field. Maybe then he would have made more than the one Pro Bowl he did.

Simply put, making a quote praising your team should not be criticized, and Harrison and Bruschi are HYPOCRITES to the highest degree.

But I wouldn’t expect anything more from a Roid user and cheater.

Love that Patriots Way.