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Rashan S. Michel Sues Hawks Great Dominique Wilkins For Beating Him Up

You remember Mr. Michel, the Harlem Nights suit salesman who said that Dominique Wilkins owed him money, so he went to confront Nique after a game and got beat down (Video: Dominique Wilkins Beating Up Rashan S Michel After Hawks Game).

Michel was arrested, but Wilkins was not. Mr. Michel is now suing Dominique over the incident. Here are the details.

The man arrested following a fight with Dominique Wilkins says he didn’t provoke or threaten the former Hawks star, who then punched him repeatedly with his fists as basketball fans watched.

Wilkins then lied to security guards about the fight, saying that Rashan Michel assaulted him, according to a lawsuit filed in Friday in Fulton County state court.

“Seeing Wilkins in the stands on this particular occasion, Plaintiff (Michel) seized upon the opportunity to ask Wilkins about whether he intended to pay the debt,” the lawsuit states. “Embarrassed that Plaintiff had mentioned the debt, Wilkins began arguing with Plaintiff, shouting ‘I built this house!’ and cursing Plaintiff for bringing up the matter in front of his peers.”

Witnesses told Atlanta police officers that Michel instigated the altercation. But Michel’s arrest mug shot showed Wilkins landed punches — on his face.

Michel was fired from his part-time job as an SEC referee after news of the run-in with Wilkins, according to the lawsuit. He has suffered physical and emotional pain, along with public humiliation, the suit states.

The suit doesn’t say how much Michel is trying to get from Nique, but I will assume it is more than the $10k that he said Nique owed him for the Harlem Nights suits.

Truthfully after talking to some ATL sources, I lean toward believing Michel’s story as several people have said Nique doesn’t like to pay for things even when he says that he will.

Don’t know if it is worth a black eye over, but if that is the case hopefully Michel at least gets his money for the suits.