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Ex-NBA Player Kenny Anderson Arrested After Fleeing Scene of an Accident

Kenny Anderson, former NBA Star and ex-husband of Basketball Wives “star” Tami Roman, was arrested after he pulled the ol’ “flee the scene of a car crash to avoid getting a DUI” (also known as Briggsing It) in Miramar, Florida last Sunday night.

According to the reports, Anderson was leaving a bar when he misjudged a curve and crashed his Escalade into two trees.

Here are some of the highlights from the police report.

At the above mentioned date and time, I responded to the listed location in reference to a possible hit and run. The call was initially dispatched as a traffic crash involving a white Cadillac Escalade. Dispatch advised that the vehicle had hit two separate trees head on and that two black males exited the vehicle and fled the area heading E/B on foot. One of the subjects (Def) was described as wearing a pink shirt.

When Ofc. Pacetti initially made contact with the Def, he spontaneously uttered that he was driving his car when his tire blew out and he lost control of the vehicle. The defendant was read his Mïranda Rights per card by Ofc. A. Pacetti #322. Post Mïranda, the defendat admitted he was the driver of the vehicle and that a blown tire was the cause of the traffic crash. However, all four tires were blown out and the rims were bent.

My traffic crash investigation revealed the Def’s vehicle was traveling a straight line on a straight roadway. When the roadway curved, the Def’ s vehicle continued straight and he failed to negotiate the curve, which caused him to strike the concrete curb and continue up onto the grassy swale, where he struck two trees.

It should be noted that the Def had a very strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his breath as he spoke to me. He had bloodshot, red eyes and his speech was slurred. He also admitted that he had “a few drinks” prior to crashing his vehicle.

Anderson, who coaches boys basketball at David Posnack Jewish Day School, was not arrested for DUI because they can not prove whether he was drunk at the time of the accident or if he drank as soon as he got home to calm his nerves from the accident.

From the mugshot, its a pretty safe bet he was loaded when he crashed, but thanks to a loophole he will probably just get away with a slap on the wrist.

Thankfully he didn’t kill anybody and the damage was no worse than what happens when you watch Basketball Wives.