Kris Humphries Ex-Girlfriend Myla Sinanaj Speaks to BSO Says: “I’m Not Pregnant, Media Lies” – BlackSportsOnline
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Kris Humphries Ex-Girlfriend Myla Sinanaj Speaks to BSO Says: “I’m Not Pregnant, Media Lies”

If possible you always want to get the story not from a source, but directly from the person. So, when Myla Sinanaj said publicly on Twitter if someone had questions they should ask her that is exactly what I did.

To my surprise, she answered.

I asked her to expand on that answer and here is what she said.

Everyone has ‘sources’ claiming to be close to me but never say who. I’m not pregnant, I never claimed I was. I tweeted a generic feeling and everyone assumed I was pregnant, which I laughed at but then they got one shot of me eating a burger looking thick.

I mean I am, but I love my curves. They assumed I looked Five months and everyone went nuts writing crazy stuff so yesterday I tweeted a pic of me at water park showing people hey I’m not pregnant.

These bs stories have nothing to do with me, I’m just thrown in a mess of a bigger thing. I have never spoke until today so everything said in last month has been false. I’m just a regular chick who is super misunderstood for keeping quiet.

So I’m not a booty call, ho, gold digger , extortionist or fame ho. I’ve never spoken to anyone so, it’s crazy what’s printed. I know these people are nuts but I know it’s to make Kris look bad for his divorce so I’m kind of a pawn in this and taking the bullet so that’s why I’m telling people the truth now.

The good news for Humphries is that she isn’t pregnant, bad news is we still don’t know who is leaking all this information?

Do you believe Myla? Is it someone from Kim Kardashian’s team? Kanye secretly calling TMZ in the middle of the night?

Who knows, but at least you got the Myla’s version of what is going on and it is our job to give you all the information and let you come to your own conclusions.