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The Official Fly Out Rules For Women Going to Meet Athletes

The story about Nuggets center Javale McGee and Ayana Marie put the spotlight on the “Fly Out” trip.  There seems to be some disconnect between men and women about what the expectations should be.

While this is about athletes and ladies, it can be applied to pretty much anyone.  Some of this should be common sense, but common sense is lost on a lot of people these days.

This is part 1 of 2.

The first installment is for the ladies.


If an athlete or man says the following two things immediate red flags should arise.

“Just pick up your ticket at airport”.

“Just fly out here and we will figure out when you are coming back later.”

If you went to dinner and ordered a steak and they came back with half the steak and said we will see how rest of night goes before we decide to give you the other half, would you accept that?

If you are meeting someone especially for the first time, you have no clue what they will do face to face.  There are many of women who have been kicked out of rooms and stranded in locations with no way to get back home.

Don’t be that girl, if he doesn’t value you enough to pay for entire flight, what makes you think he values you as a person?

2-      Get the room in your name.

I know it sounds sweet when he says….

“Don’t worry you can stay with me in my suite.”

The problem with that is you are basically a prisoner and if something bad happens or you decide this wasn’t such a good deal what can you do?  Can’t just walk out, where are you going to go?

If you get the room in your name and something goes wrong at least you won’t be out in the street.

3-      Have your own money.

I don’t care if you are being flown in by ARod; do not come to Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, NYC & etc with only $23 in your pocket.

Because, if you were dumb enough not to follow the first two rules and something happens you are going to be crying to someone to send you Western Union money so you can go from The W to the Motel 3.

You should always have enough money for a one night stay at a hotel and a plane ticket home

I advise you to get “Fly Away” Credit Card.  Either prepaid or secure credit card and make sure $500 is always on it, so always have money to get out of a situation.  Don’t use the money on weave, it is just for emergencies.

4-      Sex is #1 Motivation

Listen, it doesn’t matter if it is a simp, pimp, good guy, bad guy, athlete, janitor or whoever.  Every guy in the Universe and Pandora who tries to get a girl on a plane to see him wants to have sex with her.

If he doesn’t he is gay (not saying there is anything wrong with that #seinfeldreference).

To think anything else would make you extremely naive and borderline retarded.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you or he won’t get you chipotle, it just means at least 51% of the reason you are at baggage claim is a straight physical attraction.  Now, the rest of the reasons you are there can vary, but that main reason is because he wants to break lamps and thought enough of you to put you on Southwest.

So, don’t be surprised as soon as he sees you he tries to get your clothes off ASAP because he has waited for one day, 6 weeks, 6 months or in one guy’s case two years (true story) to smash.

Here is an analogy that might help you ladies out.  Imagine you are on a diet where you can’t eat real food for 14 days on the 15th day something takes you to Ruth Chris. Sure you can nibble on a salad, but you know you want that steak.  The man is on a diet waiting for you and you are the steak, he isn’t thinking about eating your salad…


You know what I am saying, moving on.

5-      Lower your expectations

From a distance everyone looks better.  We tend as human to think the best of people and ignore red flags.  We also are caught up in the Matrix; we believe what we want to believe.

No matter how great this athlete or man appears to be always keep in mind in essence this is a long distance booty call.

If it turns into something more that is awesome, if not at least you got a free trip and you won’t leave disappointed.


These are simple rules, but if you follow them your fly out to see your guy will be a lot more enjoyable and less stressful.

Part 2 for the fellas will come out tomorrow.