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Caption The Photo: Suge Knight’s High School Football Jheri Curl

Suge Knight High School Football

Before we get into anything else, this might be the greatest Jheri Curl that you will ever see in your life. I don’t know who put in his Luster Curl, but they must have been the greatest curl stylist of the 80s.

Suge believe it or not, had a pretty decent shot at a NFL career. He was a star in high school and played a couple of years at UNLV. He wasn’t drafted and was cut as a street free agent by the Los Angeles Rams, but when the strike happened in 87, he was brought in as a replacement player and did play two official games in the NFL.

I think you know what happened after Suge’s NFL career went down the drain.

Sometimes, I wonder if Suge doesn’t make Tupac sign that napkin contract and bailed him out of jail, would Pac and Biggie still be alive right now.  While there has never been any direct evidence linking Suge to either murder, there certainly is a lot of circumstantial evidence out there.

Maybe karma in the end got the best of Suge, because he lost all his money, been in jail several times and all his companies went bankrupt.  Not to mentioned he was knocked out by a nobody at the club.

Suge Knight Knocked Out

Last I heard, Suge was being arrested for driving without a license having weed in his car.

H/T to @WorldofIsaac for the Photo.