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Chad Johnson Takes Homeless Man To Club (Photos)

Chad Johnson has to be one of the most down to earth and approachable athletes.

We have photos of Chad Johnson doing something most celebrities rather cut a check for. Chad Johnson spent Saturday with Robert “Porkchop” and this wasn’t your normal hand you $5 and keep it going, Johnson made sure it was a memorable experience for the both of them.

Johnson and “Porkchop” first started out drinking beer and enjoying a smoke in Miami, which led to Johnson giving him a G-Shock watch out of his car so he can tell time from that point on. He later took him to Urban Outfitters and dressed him up for an evening at Club Dream. All drinks on Johnson of course.

Johnson, Luck

You can call Johnson a lot of things, but you can’t deny that he does have a genuine heart for people. He isn’t afraid to mingle with his fans and just be an average man. He doesn’t have to cut you a check or have his publicist tweet you back to show that he notices people. For being a real athlete and fan of his fans you  have to salute him.

Porkchop also knows how to two-step.