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Police Aren’t Saying Where Aaron Hernandez’s Two Accomplices Are

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Four guys take a ride, three guys come back alive and one guy get shot by an semi-automatic weapon. A week later, one of the three guys are arrested for murder.

The question begs, where are the other two?

One the very first day of the murder investigation, two of Aaron Hernandez’s friends were put in patrol cars and they haven’t been seen since.

When the prosecution laid out their case during the arraignment hearing, they didn’t just talk about text messages and tire impressions, they spoke about private conversations that Aaron Hernandez had. Who told them that? It is a question Mike Florio of Profootballtalk wonders as well.

At one point, it seemed that the authorities had obtained cooperation from one or both men, given McCauley’s summary of the conversation that occurred in the car, when Hernandez said he couldn’t “trust” anyone. At another point, it seemed that the two other men are still at large.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know who they are, and their names were not disclosed in court.

So they’re either cooperating with police, which is very bad for Hernandez. Or they are on the loose, which could be very bad for everyone else.

I get the feeling the two guys aren’t just having a burger watching TV right now, so let’s try to use some common sense and figure this out.

If they were truly at large, that means two potential killers were roaming the streets and the police would probably be enlisting the help of the public to find them.  The police don’t seem to have any worries about that at all.

This means it is highly likely they are both cooperating with authorities and why wouldn’t they? Snitch and be free or stay loyal and die in prison, you make the call.  Prosecutors always want the big fish and they are willing to give the little fishes some breaks if that means reeling in the big fish.  The fact that these other two guys have fallen off the face of the Earth is very bad for Hernandez and he is probably rethinking his decision not to cooperate with the police at the beginning of the investigation.