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Why Such Venom for Basketball Wives Draya? Police Report Has Answers


If you didn’t know who Draya was before yesterday, you probably do now.  The best way I can explain it, is that she is a pretty girl who expertly used her time on the Basketball Wives: LA to expand into other business ventures.

The business ventures are what you expect from a young attractive woman (modeling, clothing, swimsuits, club appearances and just looking pretty).  Considering most women who are on the Basketball Wives sort of fade away when the show isn’t on, she should be commended for extended her 15 minutes of fame.


Yesterday, she was scheduled to appear on BET 106 & Park and they thought it was a good idea to start a hashtag called #askdraya.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best ideas (unless you believe any publicity is good publicity).  If you want to see why just check out some of the questions here, be prepared they are very harsh.  Honestly, I have only seen this type of passion for polarizing athletes like Floyd Mayweather.

The question begs why?  It isn’t like most of the Basketball Wives don’t have a bit of a shady past, so why such venom for Draya.  It starts with this.

Draya Michele Police Report

This is a factual document, Draya was arrested for Child Endangerment (you can read in details why she was arrested here). Since then Draya has went on to bigger and better things, but is rarely seen with her son.  Here is where the problem lies.

We all have a past, we all have things we aren’t proud of and have things we would prefer not to become public knowledge.  Fame comes with a price, people will dig up every piece of information they can about it.  But, what is the motivation behind Draya getting her named dragged through the mud more than anyone else?

Is it jealousy, envy, disgust for bad parenting, just trying to Retweets or a little of everything?

The same way athletes get hit with the mob mentality #nohibbert, it can happen to Twodels as well.  Whatever is going on in Draya’s personal life that’s on her, but when you put yourself out there so freely, it becomes a catch-22 situation.

Things are never really black and white, more like 100 shades of gray.  Just remember the mirror never lies, doesn’t matter if you are Draya or the person putting her down, when you look in the mirror the truth is always revealed.

*Steps Off Soapbox to provide NSFW pics of Draya*