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3 Basic Tips For Ladies During Football Season

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The NFL regular season is right around the corner and, ladies, that means there are some very important things you need to remember whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married. I’m giving this advice as a woman first and a sports lover second. So take what you want, but know that following these tips will make getting through football season a breeze and probably more fun.

Never Make Your Man Choose Between You And The Game

I listed this first for a reason. This is something you DO NOT want to do. Not only is it not fair to the football lover in your life, in the long run it will only make things harder. The easiest thing to do is to enjoy the game with your man. Football is about so much more than the game. Whether it’s the drinking, tailgating, or men in football uniforms, there’s a way you can get some enjoyment out of it. So be creative. If that’s too hard then find a Sunday activity. Whether it’s deemed ladie’s day, taking your children to the park, or making your man treat you to a mani/pedi, find a regular activity YOU enjoy. But NEVER make your man choose between you and football…you may not be happy with his choice.

Do Not Try To Talk To Your Man During The Game

Trying to talk to your man during the game is a complete waste of time. An attempt to do so will end up in one of three ways and I promise you won’t like any of them:

1. He will ignore you. This is the worst thing he can do (note to the fellas). This will only make you upset and potentially lead to an argument…during the game.

2. He will respond however he feels it is necessary just to get you to leave him alone. Now, initially, you may get what you want, but once the game is off and he remembers that he said yes to something just to get you out of his face then you’re back at square one.

3. He will get annoyed and tell you to leave him alone. This is probably the most honest answer he can give you. He’s watching the game and just wants to be able to focus on that without interruption.  But we’re women and we don’t like honesty as much as we say and we definitely don’t like to be told by our man to leave him alone.  So naturally this won’t end well.

If there’s something you want to talk to your man about on Sunday, you’ll have to plan. There’s an hour gap between the end of the second game and Sunday Night Football from around 7:30 – 8:30. This is your time…use it. Luckily, the Sunday Night Football pre-game crew is just as dry as ESPN’s basketball crew, so your man won’t be missing much.

If You Can’t Be Em Join Em

I’m a firm believer that most women don’t like football because they don’t understand it. It’s really quite an amazing game. The battle that goes on in the trenches, the dancing that a running back does to avoid tackles, the cunning in which a receiver makes a catch going out-of-bounds and somehow manages to get two feet in bounds while running at top speed. It’s the perfect blend of force and finesse. So, right now while we’re in the pre-season it is the perfect time to learn about the game and get your man to help (once the regular season starts it’s too late…refer to above tip) and here’s how you do it. Find a game the week of August 29th, when the backups will be playing most of the game, and tell your man you want to do something with him during the time that the game will be on (do not tell him what the activity is). Now this next step is key…FOOD and BEER. Cook…yes, cook! Make the perfect game watching finger foods and stock up on your man’s favorite beer or beverage of choice. When he’s ready to go you take him to the sofa and tell him you just want to watch the game with him and would like for him to explain it to you. He won’t turn you down and will even be pleasantly surprised. Not only is this great quality time with your significant other, but you’ll have the opportunity to ask ALL the questions you’d like. By the end of the three hours you will have the foundation you’ll need to start your new football love affair, and by the end of the season you’ll have the game down packed and Sundays will never been the same…in the perfect way.

Single ladies…you can just skip to the last part of this article for my tip. If you’re looking for a man you can NEVER go wrong with food and football.

So whether you just need to know the basic rules or want to find a way to help bond with your special someone I hope this helps. Happy Football Season!