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Adrien Broner’s Biggest Problem is Staring Him Right in the Mirror

Adrien Broner Marcos Maidana

Many years ago there was a brash, talented, arrogant, overconfident fighter with a huge entourage, bunch of yes men and groupies, who many wonder if he took the sport of boxing seriously.

He fought a guy early in his career who was tough as nails, but nowhere remotely talented as he was. He was the favorite, but in the 2nd round all the partying, lack of preparation and disrespect for the sport of boxing caught up to him and then this happened.

In the 2nd round last night Adrien Broner did a mini zab judah dance and proceeded to get his ass kicked for the rest of the night by Marcos Maidana.

Zab was never same, the jury is currently out on Broner.

Adrien Broner’s “big brother” is Floyd Mayweather, but there is one thing he hasn’t learned from Floyd. Regardless of what you think about Mayweather’s lifestyle, when it comes to inside the ring, he is all business. No one who works harder at his craft.

Yes, Mayweather plays hard, but he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do drugs and he doesn’t do anything that would affect him inside that squared circle.

Mayweather success is partly god given talent, but it is also his boxing intelligence and hard work. Broner has the talent, but not the intelligence. If you have watched Broner fights, you know he has been getting by on pure talent, he allows his opponents to hit him, but Maidana was no Paulie Malignaggi.

Broner showed no class running out of the ring when he lost to the better man. After some time to reflect he says he wants an immediate rematch and that Maidana was the better man. Broner is still young, but he is going to have to decide what is more important to him, being a celebrity or boxer.

Because if you want to be the biggest villain in boxing, you can’t lose. At this present moment, Broner is just another guy, no longer the future star he proclaimed to be. He is going to have to earn back that status in the ring, not the club.