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Police Bust Sex Trafficking Ring Near Super Bowl Avenue


The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend. Unfortunately, that means a tremendous increase in sex trafficking numbers. Undercover agents in Manhattan on Wednesday cracked down on a major sex ring at an apartment building on 37th Street and 6th Avenue.

The building is only blocks away from Super Bowl Boulevard. Five people were arrested; four of them were women. The big question that detectives are trying to figure out is if the women were prostitutes by choice or were victims of sex trafficking.

The apartment building also served as a dorm for a small local college, female student residents were alarmed by the recent news.

“I’m telling all the girls in my house and throughout the school just to be aware of that and to be protected and travel in groups,” said Carly Hoilman, a neighbor.

No other incidents occurred

Unfortunately, sex trafficking will be a huge problem during the Super Bowl, one that will impact New York City and New Jersey. If you see any suspicious activity that may be related to sex trafficking, be sure to call the police.