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Curtis Granderson Confronts Fan Who Touched Him During Game (Video)

Mets Nationals

In the 8th inning of the Mets-Angels game Friday night a fan reached out and patted New York rightfielder Curtis Granderson on the back after the speedy outfielder chased down a fly ball off the bat of J.B. Shuck, a gesture Granderson didn’t take kindly to.

You can see Granderson have words with the fan, who seems to be more apologetic than anything. In the end, despite his contrition, the fan was kicked out of the stadium, having to learn the hard way to always keep your hands to yourself.

”Say whatever you want to say, boo, cheer, clap, cheer for your team, cheer for the other team, but just don’t physically touch the players,” Granderson said.

“I know where I am on the field so I got a general idea that it’s a person in the area but to what extent and how it’s going to be, I’m not too sure. Once I turned I was able to see where I was at and able to address the situation. Made my comment and I was able to go out and play after that.”

“Definitely don’t go out onto the field of play and obviously the players are on the field of play,” Granderson said.

“Once you come onto the field of play, whether it’s reaching over or actually stepping onto the field of play, obviously, then the rule has been broken.”

People generally don’t like to be touched by strangers while at their job, whether they be baseball players or bank tellers. You’d think people would have enough common sense to know this, but you’d be wrong.