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RG3 Says There Are People On The Redskins Who Don’t Like Him


Two things RG3 needs to learn.

1- You can’t force people to like you.
2- Best way to silence critics is on the field.

Tweets, Bible passages and etc don’t matter. There are some very miserable people in the world who daily life consists of being negative, nothing you can do about that.  There are also people who aren’t haters, but just call things like they see it. Best thing RG3 can do is just worry about RG3 and being the best QB that he can be. I think that rhymed, but it was just a coincidence. Here is what Robert had to say via ESPN.

“Trust me, I’m not worried about anyone liking me,” Griffin said Wednesday.

During the offseason, coach Jay Gruden said of Griffin, “He wants everyone to love Robert.”

Griffin, though, said that’s not the case. It’s also something he came to realize.

“I know where Jay is coming from when he says those things,” Griffin said. “I learned not everyone is going to like you. That’s the nature of the business, that’s the nature of human beings. There are people in this room that don’t like me. You just have to move on from that stuff. Jay being here has helped me grow. My family has helped me grow. … Those things come with the territory.”

If he wins, everything will be fine, if they lose he is going to get the blame. Fair or unfair that is how it is going to go down, so he might as well get use to it.