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Athletes & Men in General Must Retire From Using Escorts & Backpage


If you are an athlete, entertainer or just normal guy who didn’t want to deal with $200 dates and rather just pay $100 to get your rocks off going to the Backpage wasn’t a bad idea.

Is paying for sex really a crime? Don’t we all pay in some shape, form or fashion. Are we that uptight as a society that giving a girl $100 for 30 mins of work that bad of thing? Shouldn’t the police have more important crimes to solve and sting operations to set up?

Those are all questions that you have to answer yourself, but the law states if you pay for sex it is a crime. Most people know this, so if you are doing it the majority of the blame is staring at you in the mirror.

People are losing their careers over less than $100. Greg Anthony, Warren Sapp, Police chiefs and etc are going down just by answering an online ad or picking up a girl in a hotel lobby. I pass no judgment on these men, but we need to learn a lesson from them.

It is time to retire from the backpage. Too much risk and very little reward especially after looking at some of the photos of these women. $500k a year job >>> $100 for 30 mins of pleasure.  There are alternative ways to get your pimp on that I can not disclosed in this article, but they would guarantee you won’t get arrested.

I’ve warn you in advance, there is nothing more I can do.