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John Wall on UK beating 76ers: “We lost to them”


John Wall may have finally put to rest the silliest of debates. When asked in an interview on this mornings Dan Patrick show if the 76ers could beat his Kentucky Wildcats, Wall responded with “We lost the 76ers.”

“Okay, Kentucky against the Wizards?” Patrick tried.

“No,” Wall said.

“They have no chance?” Patrick asked.

“Nah, because the NBA game is totally different,” Wall said.



I cringe everytime someone mentions a college team beating a proffesional team because it is one of the most rediculous premises in sports. The best college team only has 4/5 professional players, where as the NBA teams will have a roster full of battle-tested pros. The 76ers beat John Wall’s Wizards 89-81 on February 27th. The 76ers aren’t even the worst team in the NBA, that honor would go to the New York Knickerbockers. That isn’t the only playoff bound team the 76ers have beat this season. They also boast wins over the Hawks, Cavs, Pelicans, Pacers, and Heat this season.