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Meek Mill Takes Shot at Mayweather’s Lady on IG (Photos)

Meek Mill & Bad Medina

Shots are being thrown all over Instagram right now mainly including Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, and Floyd’s chick, for now, Bad Medina.

It all started when Nicki decided to post a pic of a gorgeous heart-shaped ring, that Meek Mill got her, on her Instagram account.  People are speculating that it’s an engagement ring but the couple haven’t confirmed.

Nicki Minaj ring

Then, a few hours later, Floyd’s current chick, Bad Medina, posts a picture of her rocking what looks like the exact same ring with the caption ‘Like No Other’. Sounds like she threw a quick little jab to me.

Bad Medina

Of course Meek caught wind of Bad Medina’s Instagram pic and commented under GOING IN on her, basically saying she wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for Floyd. He then posted a photo of him sitting on a Lamborghini with the caption ‘We both got our own check…Let’s not start’.

Meek mill comments on bad medina pic

Meek mill

For some reason Sheneka Adams Got involved too…

Sheneka Adams

I’m sure Floyd is sitting back laughing. He has more important things to worry about like the fight of his life May 2nd.


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