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Escort Throatzilla Upset Lael Collins Won’t Pay For Her Eating His Groceries

Throatzilla 2

To say Lael Collins has had a rocky road to the NFL over the last couple of months would be an understatement.

Tragically his pregnant ex-girlfriend was murdered before the NFL Draft. Even though he was never charged, NFL teams weren’t going to take a chance on another Rae Carruth situation and didn’t draft him at all. Eventually, he was proven not to be the father and cleared by police (the case is still unsolved). He signed with the Cowboys and while he did lose out on a lot of money, he seemed to be happy.

Then an escort on Twitter named Throatzilla had an issue with him.

Throatzilla Lael Collins 2

I got my crack research team on the job to find out exactly who this Throatzilla was and here is what they found via a bio that is floating around on the internet.

Finally on here to see what all the hype is about I’m OrallyGifted aka Throatzilla Google me… Nothing in life is free but just FYI I’m picky I don’t s*** everybody d***… I love money taking flights & ***…

She is from Dallas and from her IG page likes to show her skill set and point out when guys are flying her out.

I guess Collins got tired of her harassing him on Twitter and got her account suspended, so she released this statement.

I’m an escort & lael Collins hired me to eat his a** & give him head last Sunday but when it came time to pay, he said he meant he would take me out to eat. After us arguing for 20 minutes he agreed to pay me Thursday.

So when Thursday came, he made me delete his number & all of our text messages, but I requested them from Sprint he has now changed his number but I blasted him on Twitter & him & his agent got my Twitter deleted.

She didn’t say how much she is allegedly owed.

Lesson for all escorts if you believe her story is true, get your money up front. Not like she can go to the cops.


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