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Animal Rights Group Holding Candlelight Vigil For Dogs Mike Vick Killed

Mike Vick's first throw with the Steelers


My dog EL is probably the most spoiled Beagle on the planet. So, I am dog lover, one of those type of dog lovers who consider their dog apart of their family.

With that being said, let me say this loud and clear.


We have cops killing unarmed people, we have crazy terrorists, we have people shooting up schools and theatres and these people are still tripping off a crime that happened years ago and a person who has paid their debt to society.  On top of that Vick has become an advocate for animal rights.

I don’t like to curse, but these people need to GTFOH.

A group of animal rights advocates plan a vigil “for the victims of Michael Vick” on Thursday night in Pittsburgh.

According to the Facebook group “Candlelight Vigil for the Victims of Michael Vick,” the vigil is planned for 6 p.m. outside Heinz Field.

The group says they’ll gather near the Art Rooney statue at the south end of the stadium. An alternative location is on the sidewalk on the river side near the Mr. Rogers statue.

“Please be respectful. We are honoring the dogs, not looking for confrontation with Steelers fans or police officers who are there to control crowds,” the Facebook group says.

These people are crazy and I suggest they get psychological help.