Redskins GM’s Wife Tweets ESPN Reporter Used Oral Sex to Get Scoops – BlackSportsOnline
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Redskins GM’s Wife Tweets ESPN Reporter Used Oral Sex to Get Scoops

Jessica mccloughan

Here is the evidence as we know it.

On August 30th an account claiming to be the wife of Redskins GM Scot Mccloughan, tweeted this out in response to all the leaks that were coming from within the Redskins organization and being reported by ESPN’s Dianna Russini.


Jessica McCloughan 2

It came from a private account, so it only started to get noticed by Redskins fans today, but the strongest evidence the account was legit was this Tweet that came from Scot MccLoughan on his birthday to his mom.

Also there was a tweet from another Redskins’ wife (FYI she deleted this tweet and made her page private after I posted this story, I figured she might so I screenshooted it).

Jessica McCloughan 3

Mrs. Bracken is the wife of Redskins video director Mike Bracken. So, it seems likely she knew exactly who she was tweeting.

Maybe even stronger evidence is that the account in question has been deleted off Twitter. Normally fake accounts want the attention and to fool people. Real accounts try to stay private and delete stuff when they have been caught.

So, after some digging and a couple of calls. I can confirm it was indeed a real account and a real tweet.

Mrs. Mccloughan was told to delete her twitter account immediately once the tweet started floating around Twitter.

Considering this is the Washington Redskins I can’t say that I am surprised, but this is extremely unprofessional thing to say about any reporter (unless you have some real proof).

Quite the circus they have going on in DC.


SVP of Communications for the Redskins Tony Wyllie tells BlackSportsOnline exclusively that it definitely a fake account and they have contacted NFL security to have it shut down.

That is an exact statement from the team.


She has come clean.  Here is the statement that was sent to us from Redskins.

“I deeply apologize for the disparaging remarks about an ESPN reporter on my personal Twitter account. The comment was unfounded and inappropriate, and I have the utmost respect for both the reporter and ESPN. I regret that my actions have brought undeserved negative attention to the Redskins organization and its leadership. My comments in no way reflect the opinions or attitudes of the organization and I regret that my behavior has in any way negatively impacted the team and its loyal fan base.” – Jessica McCloughan

So in conclusion, I was 100% correct, then the Redskins lied to all of us.

Mrs. McCloughan Twitter bio pretty much says all you need to know.

Jessica McCloughan

ESPN has released a statement.

“Dianna is an excellent reporter who should never have to be subjected to such vulgar comments. We are obviously extremely disappointed by today’s developments,” ESPN said in a statement.