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Seahawks Players Wants DJ to Play Future, But Can’t Because of Ciara


No one can deny that Future hasn’t had a bunch of bangers in rotation lately. Athletes like to get hype during practice and games, it helps with the motivation.

The Seahawks understandably want Future to be played before games and practices, but the resident DJ says he can’t do it. Here is his reasoning per SB Nation.

This year, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Future. But that dynamic is weird too, because I can barely play Future with Ciara running around and that’s her baby’s dad. It’s just that he has a dope-ass album out right now, players like to hear it, it definitely gets you pumped up — even though it’s low-tempo, it’s still stuff that you want to hear — and then you’ve got Ciara running up with little baby Future and she’s dating Russell so it’s like, “Oh f—.”

I also feel weird playing Ciara, because I was playing Ciara before she started dating Russell. I’d play “Goodies” and stuff like that for the crowd because it’s good music that white people know—it’s dance-y music, it’s popular, it’s stuff that you can get away with playing. Now that she’s dating Russell, I don’t want people to be like, “He’s just playing that because she’s dating Russell.”

So, once again blame Ciara this time for not hearing March Madness when you watch the Seahawks.