It’s Time For Ray Rice to Realize He’s Never Playing in NFL Again (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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It’s Time For Ray Rice to Realize He’s Never Playing in NFL Again (Video)

I get it, Jim Valvano told us to never give up, but sometimes you have to see the writing on the wall. There has been numerous running back injuries in the NFL and plenty of teams who have running games that are underperforming and Ray Rice’s phone hasn’t rung once.

He was on the Dan Patrick Show and you can see he is struggling with the fact no one is calling him. If we are being fair, what he did was horrible, but there are a lot of horrible people playing in the NFL.

People who slap their mothers, get DUIs, beat their 4-year kid until their scrotum bleeds and throw their girlfriend on couch of guns. The reason Ray Rice isn’t in the NFL like those other players is simple.

1- His actions were caught on tape.

2- He plays a position that isn’t valued that much in the NFL.

3- The last year he played, he didn’t look that particularly good.

Ray Rice’s wife has forgiven him and I think more or less people have given him the benefit of the doubt that it is was a one time thing.

Unfortunately for him, teams feel they can get running backs that are similarily talented and don’t have to deal with the PR situation.

I honestly believe if Adrian Peterson did the same thing Ray Rice did (and you could make a case bruising up a 4-year old kid is worse) he would be playing.

So, it has more to do with the talent than the action.