Report: Rihanna Wants OBJ, But She’s Been Friend Zoned

Odell Beckham Rihanna

Rihanna normally gets what she wants, but in this case she might have to try a little harder if she wants Odell Beckham Jr.

Hollywood Life is reporting that while RiRi would like a little bit more in their relationship, right now she is in the friend zone.

“Simply speaking, Odell can get it. Rihanna would rock his little world,” a source close to the artist tells “She’s secretly attracted to him on the highest level. Quiet as it’s kept, they’re talking. It’s just texting and whatnot. It’s super platonic.”

“She loves looking at his body, especially his a** in those tights,” the source adds. “She has a thing for bad boys, and Odell is in on her mind real tough.”

The report goes on to say that RiRi records every Giants game even though she doesn’t like football, but Odell considers them to be friendly and nothing more.  Maybe that will now change that the cat is out of the bag.

If Odell wasn’t aware before that she shouldn’t to be more than friends, I would assume he is aware now, so we will see what happens.

It is quite possible she just isn’t his type, everyone has a type.

Here is what he is missing out on.

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Robert Littal

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