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Klay Thompson’s Father Takes More Shots At LeBron

lebronKlay Thompson’s father, Mychal Thompson is on some “get off my lawn” mess in regards to his latest comments about LeBron James.

Thompson spoke to Diamona Leung of Bay Area News and had these comments to say about LeBron,

This is interesting to say considering his son’s team have come to be a bit bratty and have gotten on their high horse, with reason of course but still.

Thompson also shelled out this beauty,

It’s tiring to hear X player wouldn’t survive in the 80/90’s. Would 80/90’s players survive in today’s league?

In terms of LeBron James, 6’8, 250 pounds LeBron James wouldn’t survive on the 80’s? You see LeBron’s body? Look at his physique and then look at other players from that time. LeBron would probably steam roll a good portion of them.

The training back then and now are so different. Players today are literally bigger, faster and stronger than we’ve ever seen.

The rules of today’s NBA certainly limits the physicality but let’s not act like if the rules were the same as back then LeBron wouldn’t just run right through you.

We get that the NBA isn’t as physical but if it was, players that we seem to question like Draymond and LeBron would certainly be fine.