RG3’s New Girlfriend Heptathlete Grete Šadeiko (Photos)

Grete Šadeiko Robert Griffin III 8

As we reported yesterday Robert Griffin III is in the process of divorcing his wife of three years and mother of his child Rebecca Liddicoat.

They have been separated for a few months and it appears that Griffin has moved on with Heptathlete Grete Šadeiko.

RG3 BabySources tell BSO it is a relatively new romance that they are trying to keep on the low while RG3 goes through his divorce, but Griffin seems to appreciate her supporting him on Twitter.

Grete Šadeiko Robert Griffin III 14

Grete seems to be quite smitten since the majority of her tweets and tweets she has liked recently has been about RG3. RG3 has shown his affection by liking all her tweets. I particular found these 3 tweets he liked in a row telling ending with a quote from “Sexual gifs”.

Grete Šadeiko Robert Griffin III 20

Good luck to them…

Flip the pages for more photos of Grete and their lovey dovey subliminal tweets to each other…

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