Why Aren’t The People Who Criticized Kaepernick Speaking Out About Terence Crutcher? (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Why Aren’t The People Who Criticized Kaepernick Speaking Out About Terence Crutcher? (Video)

The people who have criticized Colin Kaepernick and others for protesting during the National Anthem have all said something very similar to this.

“I respect their right to protest and the message, but don’t disrespect the flag and the anthem”

Many have said they should protest but in ways that make them more comfortable. They said they would respect the message more if it was done in different way.

Taking those words at face value (I don’t by the way) these people should be OUTRAGE by the cold-blooded execution of Terence Crutcher by Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby.

They should be SCREAMING LOUDLY asking for JUSTICE TO BE SERVED!!!!!!

But, this is all I hear so far….


This is why we say don’t tell us how and when to protest, because you don’t care about us. Because if you cared, you would speak out, you would put pressure on these police departments to filter out these rogue cops.

You think if a man looking like Dabo Swinney or a woman looking like Kate Upton would be shot while holding their hands up? If you do, you are blinder than Ray Charles ever was.

People will throw stats at you like more white people are killed by cops than black people. Two things they leave out.

1- There are a lot more white people in America than black people.
2- Compare the number of avoidable cop shootings when it comes to black and white people and tell me what you find.

How many white people were choked out for selling cigarettes or DVDs? How many white kids have been murdered playing in the park? How many white men have been killed while shopping in Walmart.

This has nothing to do with Black on Black crime or superstar athletes, this has to do with the cops who are supposed to protect and serve being so fearful of black people they will shoot first, ask questions later and get a paid vacation for doing so.

I’d love to hear what Kate Upton has to say about that or is today a bad day to talk about a black man being executed in the street just for looking like a “bad dude”.

I’ll wait….