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Big Ben Gives Cowboys Advice on Which Quarterback to Play

ben-roethlisberger-$20-millionThe Pittsburgh Steelers have a big showdown this weekend as they are set to host with the red-hot Dallas Cowboys. After a disappointing game against the Ravens, the Steelers will have to play much better this weekend to stop the Cowboys led by rookie Dak Prescott. Dak was drafted in the 4th round and was never expected to be a starter this season or even see the field prior to Kellen Moore and Tony Romo suffered major injuries. Because of this Dak was forced into action. After a 7-1 start, now Romo is health and ready to return but would it be wise for the Cowboys to make a change at quarterback? According to, Big Ben thinks it will be really hard for Romo get back on the field.

“When you’re just kind of rolling and you’re not losing games, is really hard to kind of change that position especially. Take nothing from Tony. He’s been doing it at a high-level. When you’re winning football games, it’s really hard to replace that one spot.”

Roethlisberger relates to this situation personally after he took over his rookie year after starter Tommy Maddox was injured. Big Ben won 13 straight games as a rookie and has never looked back. He thinks Dak is in a very similar situation.

“He’s been awesome. Very similar to what I had, he’s got a great running game, good defense, he’s not just managing games, he’s taken games over.  He’s doing some pretty awesome stuff. It’s fun to watch.”

Despite being impressed with Dak’s game, Roethlisberger will be doing everything in his power to hand Dak and the Cowboys their second loss of the season on Sunday.