BSO Hiring Contributors & Interns If You Don’t Want Your Executive Producer in Your Videos


Thank you for your interest in the BSO contributor or intern, social media positions.

Responsibilities & requirements are as followed for the contributors.

  • Writing Daily Sports and Entertainment Posts
  • Ability to Cover Live Sports and Entertainment Events
  • Ability to interview Sports and Entertainment Personalities
  • Previous blogging, writing or media experience is preferred, but not required (independent experience is fine)
  • WordPress Experience is highly preferred, but not required

As far as the intern position, I am looking for someone to take under my wing in the LA area who can help me with some projects I will have going on in the future and assist me in covering events.   Also need a social media intern who doesn’t necessarily have to be in LA area, so if you are specifically looking at that position you may apply as well.

Please do not reply unless you are truly dedicated to be an everyday journalist. We conduct ourselves as professional journalists who are in the industry of online media. We have covered over 100 live events (Super Bowl, NBA Finals, UFC PPV, PPV Boxing, Major motion picture screenings and award shows) in the past 12 months and our staff has had the opportunity to appear on television, radio and in print.  Our contributors have moved on to jobs in TV, radio and print with major sports, news and entertainment media companies.

If you are interested and fit the criteria, just fill out the box below. It doesn’t need to Johnny IQ style, you aren’t applying to work for Verizon. Do not ask me questions via Twitter, I will reply to everyone via email immediately.  If you don’t get an email ASAP, check your spam folder.

One last thing, if your social media spaces include racial or homophobic slurs, foul, hateful, discriminatory or vulgar language or you are just a daily troll, please do not apply.

Appreciate Your Interest in the BSO Contributor Position.

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Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

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