Eli Apple’s Family is Accusing His Mom Annie of Cheating on His Stepdad With His Best Man, Abandoning Her Kids & Grandchildren and Ostracizing Eli From His Family So She Can Control All of His Money (Tweets)

When Tim Allen met Annie Apple, she had three sons; two were from an abusive relationship. Many men would have walked away from that situation, but not Tim, he married Annie and treated all the kids like his own including Eli Apple.

He has been with Eli Apple through thick and thin until recently when everything fell apart. No one exactly knew why, but some things are starting to come to light per this article in NJ.com and some tweets from one of Annie’s son’s fiancee.

Eli is Annie Apple’s third son and the second child from an abusive relationship that she detailed in an SI.com column last fall. When Eli was 2, Annie met Tim. They married in 2001 and Tim raised Annie’s three sons as well as a daughter, Jordan, they had together.

“From the time I was 2 years old my dad, Timothy Apple, has been my father,” Eli said when he announced that he was changing his last name to Apple during his senior at Eastern High in Voorhees. “He’s nurtured, provided, and protected our family. I am the man I am today because of his tireless love, and commitment to our family.”

Now, just five years later, the relationship is nonexistent. Tim and Eli haven’t spoken since June, and Tim hasn’t attended Eli’s games this season for the first time since he started playing football in middle school.

“One of the biggest reasons Eli is declining so much this year as opposed to last year is (Tim’s absence),” Apple’s half-brother Dane Blackson told NJ Advance Media. “I know everyone always talks about the fame and all of the attention and how all of that can go to your head.

“But you have to imagine that from middle school to the NFL, Tim was there. Tim made this whole thing happen. Tim didn’t miss a game. Whenever Eli looked for that support, that was always there. Now, this year whenever he goes to look for support, it’s not real, it’s not genuine.”

The only quote from Tim is that he misses his son, he doesn’t speak on what happened between him and Annie, but more on that later.

What we do know is that the family members blame her for what is happening with Eli.

“Ever since Eli got drafted, I feel like everyone got the wrong impression of Eli,” Blackson said. “From the jump, Eli never really stood a chance. It was the Annie show. I feel like that’s his biggest downfall.”

The relationship survived, and Blackson said Annie tried to take stronger control of Eli’s life, isolating him from the rest of the family in the process.

Eli signed a four-year, $15.1 million contract when he was drafted by the Giants. A family enrichment system was arranged through his financial team at Merrill Lynch, with $6,500 a month spread around the family to help pay for things like his grandparents’ mortgage and his sister’s private school tuition.

That system has been scrapped.

“You give him all this money and I couldn’t tell you what he’s doing with it besides letting mom spend it,” Blackson said.

“Tim sacrificed everything to get him there,” Blackson said. “His performance is like a weird karma. He looks to the stands and that genuine support isn’t there anymore.”

Believe it or not, this isn’t unusual for something like this to happen when a kid makes it to a professional sports league.

At that point, he becomes the breadwinner for everyone, and everyone wants their piece of the pie. There usually are internal power struggles within families, and it appears Annie Apple is winning this one.

But, what is even more crazy about this one is that Annie is accused of basically being a fraud. She tweets a lot of bible verses and is beloved by ESPN and others in media, but if you look at the Tweets from Blackson’s fiancee, they paint a very ugly picture, including that Annie has been having an affair with the best man from their wedding for five years.

The truth with these things is probably somewhere in the middle, but after reading the stories and tweets, you can make your own informed decision.

Flip the pages for the tweets from Blackson’s fiancee they are explosive…


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