How the Daughter of Actress Lori Loughlin Was Chilling on a USC Chairman’s Yacht When Her Mom Got Exposed For Paying $500k to Get Her Into USC Even Though She Stated She Doesn’t Care About Classes (Video-Photos)

On Wednesday, Lori Loughlin appeared in a Los Angeles federal court on conspiracy charges stemming from a college admission scam.

Aunt Becky turned herself into the feds and was released afterwards on $1 million bail.  Meanwhile, her daughter Olivia was enjoying the spoils of the Bahamas on the yacht of USC Chairman Rick Caruso.

Here are more details from TMZ.

We’ve learned 19-year-old Olivia was on Rick Caruso’s yacht in the Bahamas. Caruso’s daughter, Gianna, Olivia and several other friends were spending spring break in the area.

Gianna and Olivia have been friends for quite some time, occasionally posting photos of them together on social media.

Caruso, a billionaire who has major real estate holdings including The Grove in L.A., tells TMZ, “My daughter and a group of students left for spring break prior to the government’s announcement yesterday. Once we became aware of the investigation, the young woman decided it would be in her best interests to return home.” Olivia is off the yacht.

Caruso was elected Chairman of USC’s Board of Trustees last year. We’re told the Board will NOT decide the fate of Olivia and other students involved in the case. That decision is left squarely in the hands of the University’s President.

By the way, Caruso came out strong Tuesday in the wake of the indictments, saying, “The charges filed today against employees of USC are disturbing and the alleged activity is absolutely wrong. I am saddened that these people would abuse their positions of trust and, as the government has alleged, victimize USC in the process. There is no option other than zero tolerance for this type of behavior. As a result, USC has fired the alleged wrongdoers.”

The 215 ft $10 million yacht features 6 decks as well as 6 cabins for guests.  Call it a Full House.

Flip the pages for video of Olivia Jade saying school doesn’t matter and photos of the luxurious yacht.