Details on Zach Randolph Leaving His Wife For His Side Chick Who He Had Baby With While Married; Wife Politely Asks Side Chick Who is Now a Girlfriend to Stop Sending Her DMs From Fake Accts (DMs-IG-Pics-Vids)

This all started back in February when Zach Randolph’s wife asked his side chick to leave her alone.

Fast forward to last weekend and Randolph is spotted at Disneyland, but not with his wife, but the side chick.

Sports Gossip has the details.

We received some more information about Zach Randolph’s trip to Disney World. According to our source, the woman he is on the vacation with is allegedly the mother of his youngest child. She’s also the woman he is leaving his wife for.

Her name is Jennifer. Zach is leaving Faune for her and the baby zach is holding is named Zoey Mae (his moms name) Randolph!

The side chick won this battle.

Flip the pages for the DMs, Wife’s IG, vids and side chick pics.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline