Enes Kanter Outraged on Twitter After Fan Gets Tattoo of His Signature and Now Can’t Visit Turkey (Pics-Tweets)

Newly signed Boston Celtic big man, Enes Kanter, is no stranger to controversy, on and off the court. Long story short, Enes will not be visiting his home country of Turkey any time soon. They have threatened to jail or even kill him because of his political beliefs.

Turkey will even go after people that are fans of Kanter. A female fan named Martina recently got a tattoo of Enes’s signature on her arm. She supports Kanter’s political views and now can’t travel to Turkey for fear of her life and her unborn child’s life. Enes was outraged at the fact that people can’t travel his native country because of his views.

She tweeted Enes in hopes of support and answers about the country of Turkey. She also owns a travel site and wanted to educate people on the best destinations.

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