Today Marks 23rd Anniversary of 2Pac’s Death; Why Some Are Suspicious Of How He Died Because Of How He Acted On The Way To Hospital and When He Got There

On this day in 1996, 2Pac passed away after being shot six days prior in Las Vegas. He was in Vegas for the Bruce Seldon-Mike Tyson fight. Shortly after the fight ended, he saw Orlando Anderson, a known Los Angeles Southside Crip. Pac threw a punch at him and kicked him as a result of hearing that one of Death Row Records’ associates got his chain snatched by Anderson at an LA shopping mall.

Many think Anderson retaliated and shot Pac while he was on the way to Club 662 with Suge Knight. There are still many conspiracy theories about Pac’s murder to this day with some still believing that he’s alive. There’s been reports over the years where he was laughing and joking while on the way to the hospital and when he arrived.

Chris Carroll is a retired sergeant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and was a first responder at the shooting. According to interviews he’s done such as with VladTV, he said Pac was losing consciousnesses when he was pulled out of the BMW that he and Suge were in. Pac was ignoring Carroll’s questions about who did it and  when Pac finally started to talk, he said “F*ck you.”

Carroll went on to ride with Pac to the University Medical Centre of Southern Nevada but he wasn’t responsive during the ride.

Suge Knight even recalled on the documentary “Who Shot Biggie & Tupac”  that the two were laughing after the shooting. When asked about Pac possibly being alive, he said you just never know with Pac. Tupac’s finacee Kidada Jones also said to Vanity Fair that while they were at the hospital, he woke up briefly because she played Don McLean’s “Vincent” on a CD player next to his bed. Jones added that Pac’s eyes were swollen and he was filled with mucus but his eyes opened and he moaned.

Nonetheless, he’s still arguably the best rapper of all-time. One way to kill the conspiracy theories is that his artists, the Outlawz, previously said that they burned and smoked his ashes.

Yuriy Andriyashchuk

24. From Atlanta, University of Nevada-Las Vegas alum, die-hard Atlanta sports fan, and hip-hop fan.