YesJulz Gets Dragged to Hell For Having the Audacity to Speak About Outkast & Disrespect Big Boi; Big Boi Tells Story on How His Son Alerted Him to Disrespectful Comment (Vids-Tweets)

Social media influencer Yes Julz has recently caught flak for a tweet where she stated

“Earthgang is like the OutKast of this generation only with two Andre’s. I’m so here for it. & don’t fuckin @ me”

Many thought that comparison was disrespectful to the other half of OutKast Big Boi. Those people are right because no matter what you think of Andre 3000, Big Boi is also great.

Nevertheless, Big Boi was told what she said and all he had to say about it was

”When you reach god mc status, it’s hard for people to see you up here in these clouds”

Big Boi also said for those who don’t know, they have to pull the tape on him and OutKast because they’ve won and done everything in music.

Flip the page to see Yes Julz’s tweet and Big Boi’s reaction.