The Photographer Who Lamar Jackson Help Up After He Knocked Her Over Had This to Say About LJ (Video)

Lamar Jackson didn’t have a good game yesterday against the Steelers.

But while Jackson might be frustrated with his play from yesterday, he did end up doing a good deed during the game that got some attention.

During the game, Jackson ended up having to roll out of the pocket. Jackson got pushed out of bounds, and as a result, he knocked over a photographer.

Jackson didn’t just jog away like he didn’t have time to help her up. Instead, Jackson went over the to photographer, and helped her up. Reminding us that you can never be too busy to do a simple good deed.

Good on you Lamar.

Flip the page to see the photographer respond to Lamar being a good Samaritan.

ALSO, flip the page to see Lamar help the photographer up after he knocked her over.