Watch Boxer Ewa Brodnicka Address the Haters Who Claim Her Lingerie Kiss at the Weigh-In Was More Entertaining Than the Actual Fight; Here’s What Ewa Had to Say (IG-Pics-Fight Vids)

It’s always better to address the haters after a victory.

BSO previously reported on Ewa Brodnicka and Edith Soledad Matthysse’s weigh in, which included lingerie, a kiss and a smack across the face that mirrored Rick James & Charlie Murphy. Now, Brodnicka is clapping back at the haters who thought the pre-fight shenanigans were more entertaining than the actual fight, per SportsGossip.

World champion boxer Ewa Brodnicka has blasted a Polish sports outlet as “sexist” after they said her kiss with opponent Edith Matthysse at the weigh in, at which she wore lingerie, was “more interesting” than the fight itself.

The incident led fans to expect the extra heat would transfer into the ring, and add extra incentive for both to knock the other out.

As it turned out, the two fought to a close 10-round split decision in favor of Brodnicka, giving her a points win defence of her title.

After the fight, Polish publication Sportowefakty were less than impressed with the action, and reported that the pre-fight smacker was “more entertaining” than any smack delivered in the ring.

“Although female boxing matches don’t usually impress, this weigh in may whet your appetite,” the article read.

In response, Brodnicka blasted back at the site and what she saw as discrimination, tagging the piece in an Instagram story with the caption, “Sexist article. Although usually fights don’t impress you???”

Flip the page for Brodnicka’s response, as well as footage of her and Edith at the weigh-in, and the fight itself.

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