Country Singer Jana Kramer Breaks Down in Great Detail How Her Ex-NFL Husband Michael Caussin is a Sex Addict; Caussin Explains He Doesn’t Know How The Nudes From The IG Models Got on His Phone (Pics-IG-Vids)

We’ve heard of some pretty weird stories from NFL players after they’ve waltzed into the sunset.

This one is kind of weird.

Ex-NFL player, Michael Caussin, found himself in the middle of a pretty awkward situation with his wife. The situation is a red flag for any type of cheater trying to get away with his “activities”.

Not that I condone cheating, I seriously don’t, but if you’re trying to get away with something negative, you can’t slip up so easily like Caussin did.

It starts with Caussin receiving a topless photo from a woman he didn’t know at all. But instead of coming clean, he deleted the photo in an attempt to not upset his wife.

But while his intentions might’ve been pure in some form, his wife, who is country music singer Jana Kramer, ended up finding out about the photo anyways.

Flip the pages to see how it all went down.