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Breakdown of the $2.5 Million Michael Jordan is Donating To Fight Voter Suppression

NBA Legend Michael Jordan and his Jordan Brand will fight against voter suppression by donating $2.5 million to organizations on behalf of affected black communities.

Marina Pitofsky of The Hill reported “The donation will give $1 million each to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted Peoples and Families Movement. The organization Black Voters Matter, which focuses on increasing voter registration and turnout, will receive $500,000, according to a Wednesday statement.”

As Jordan plan stems from his original pledge in June, the 10-year $100 million commitment will go directly into three areas such as economic justice, educational awareness, and social justice.

On Wednesday, Jordan remarks on the issues blacks face in America that came from his statement.

“There is a long history of oppression against Black Americans that hold us back from full participation in American society. We understand that one of the main ways we can change systemic racism is at the polls.”

$500,000 will be given to group Black Voters Matter as the goal is to raise awareness and target underrepresented black communities who struggle with voter registration.

Jordan who is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all-time in the past has never been vocal on social justice or political issues. During the years of black oppression in many forms, critics would call him out even if he spoke on a matter of racial injustice. It’s easy to look at athletes like LeBron James who is vocal and active in his fight against social injustice. However, voter suppression is one of many fights the black community deals with. This year with the re-election for presidency, not only are beliefs approaching those polls but opinions and concerns with which candidate is suitable to lead America.

Unfortunately, whoever is elected at the national or local levels might want to evaluate the conditions blacks have been in at the expense of legislation and policy.

President of the Jordan Brand Craig Williams took to Twitter his excitement and humbled spirit on engaging in political change.

“The $100 million commitment was just the start. we are moving from commitment to action,” Williams said.

Regardless of Jordan’s past not being involved in the matters of black America, what his critics can’t say is that he’s not doing anything.

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