Cardinals Deandre Hopkins Credits His Girlfriend Breanna Young For Him Not Wanting to Take Shot After Her Brother Got Sick – BlackSportsOnline
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Cardinals Deandre Hopkins Credits His Girlfriend Breanna Young For Him Not Wanting to Take Shot After Her Brother Got Sick

The NFL today informed teams they would have to forfeit games due to any COVID-19 outbreaks involving unvaccinated players. Those games cant be rescheduled. Well Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins took to Twitter to complain about the policy in a tweet he deleted quickly afterward.

He then posted another tweet to elaborate on why he’s not keen on getting the vaccine.

Hopkins’ girlfriend then got brought up explaining that her brother, who is in the military, took the vaccine and had heart problems right after in another deleted tweet.

For those asking what Hopkins’ Girlfriend looks like, she recently deleted her Instagram, but the couple was last spotted on vacation.

I’m not in the group of people that urges people to take the vaccine as that is your own business and Hopkins went on to say that he felt he had another good 9 years in his career, to try to ease fears he might step away from the game. If he were to retire he would owe the Cardinals $22 million which is the more likely reason he will continue playing.

The new NFL rules state that a player does not have to get vaccinated, but if they do not get vaccinated here are the potential pitfalls.

The new policy drills down on a scenario that never occurred in 2020, when the NFL postponed five games and moved 10 others to accommodate outbreaks. A forfeit will be called in 2021 if all of the following circumstances occur:

  • A game is postponed by the requirement of government authorities or medical experts, or at the discretion of the commissioner, because of ongoing health concerns of an outbreak.
  • The league can’t find a suitable date to reschedule within the 18-week framework of the regular season.
  • The original postponement was caused by an outbreak among unvaccinated players of one team.

If an unvaccinated player causes the breakout the whole team doesn’t get paid.

Hopkins wasn’t the only player to speak out against the new policies, but he was the most high-profile one. Cole Beasley has been speaking out against the vaccine for weeks now.

Flip the page to see Hopkins deleted tweet that got him trending on Twitter, photos of his new girlfriend, and their vacation.

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