Bol Bol Breaks Up With IG Model Mulan Hernandez After He Finds Out She’s a Gold Digger – BlackSportsOnline
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Bol Bol Breaks Up With IG Model Mulan Hernandez After He Finds Out She’s a Gold Digger

Bol Bol of the Nuggets had been dating IG Model Mulan Hernandez this past season, but it looks like they’re finished now. The two have unfollowed each other on the app, apparently for Hernandez’s antics on TikTok.

Hernandez was seen on TikTok rapping to Queen Of The Ratchet Chorus’s “Gold Digger For Life” song. That seemed to get the message to Bol Bol that she may have been in the relationship to secure the bag, and he finally saw the light.

Hernandez initially appeared at a Nuggets-Rockets game in Houston last season, but it’s safe to say that she won’t be at any Nuggets games at all in 2021-22. She has since taken off all pictures of her rocking Bol Bol’s jersey as well.

There are also some reports that people close to Bol Bol had been monitoring the PJ Washington situation and were worried that Bol Bol might end up in the same situation.

Ironically, Mulan had just posted that she isn’t pregnant because she had many things she wanted to do in her life, and one of them wasn’t having kids at this time.

People wondered about her motivations for getting with Bol Bol once it became clear they got together. She tried to prove she was just in it for love by showing that she turned down a $5k cash app from Bol Bol, but that only made people even more suspicious.

Social media said she was playing the long game and trying to trap a naive Bol Bol. It looks like Bol Bol has smartened up and is moving on.

It likely won’t take long for Mulan to move on with another athlete and entertainer. I will give it a month before we do a new story on her and some athlete blinded by the booty.

The booty always blinds them.

Flip the page for the TikTok post that ended their relationship and the rest of her thirst traps.

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